Russian wedding traditions

Russian wedding rites, fun and frolic, were to simple folk’s liking and enjoyment, as every tradition or sign had very interesting and important roots traced back to the old days. All the amazing traditions are a must of the holiday and impart special beauty and charm to the Russian wedding.

We'll talk only about the traditions, which are still alive in Russian society. The bride’s dress will serve as a beginning. The dress, itself, usually was made from white fabric that is believed to be the color of joy, the symbol of purity and chastity. However, some historians are inclined to consider white color of a wedding dress mournful, as the bride went from her own family to a strange one, as if she dies for her kin. However, modern brides choose not only white wedding dresses, but also fashionable red, cream or apricot-colored ones.

Wedding shoes served the symbol of the bride’s thrift and willingness to be a good housekeeper, as she was supposed to buy the shoes from her savings.

Another important wedding attribute is a bridal veil. Earlier the veil meant a simple thick shawl that closed the face tightly. It was forbidden to see the bride and the violation leaded to various misfortunes and even untimely death. Therefore the newlyweds touched each other only through the veil and didn’t eat or drink anything during the wedding. The bridal veil also served the protection from evil spirits and the devil. Sad wedding songs drove the girl to tears, even if she married her beloved one. The reason was simple – she was leaving her home and giving herself at the husband’s disposal.

The bride should be constantly surrounded with bridesmaids, single girls, who had to accompany her to the church. Their principal task was to distract evil spirits, so they wore dresses similar to the bridal one. But what is the wedding without wedding pie? Bread at all times has been the symbol of abundance, rich life and luck (earlier was baked a huge wedding pie - kournik) and that’s why a just married couple is met at home with “salt and bread”.

The kiss of the bride and groom deserves special attention. In old times there was a legend that during the kiss the souls of two loving people are brought together. And the ancestors, appreciating spirituality and chastity of young people, considered the kiss in public as the bond.

At the end of the wedding party the bride turns back to guests and throws the wedding bouquet to young women who try to catch it as it means near marriage.

Well, good luck to you at your wedding party!



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