Growing divorce rates in Ukraine

he number of divorced couples in Ukraine increases every year. The usual sequence of events includes a very noisy, splendid wedding with too many guests, expensive restaurants and a divorce paper filed in a couple of years later.

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The recent statistics show that the major explanation for divorce are as following:

1- domestic abuse,
2- Alcohol consumption and drugs.
3- Cheating.

Unexpectedly, lack of financial stability is not among the above mentioned factors that add to the growing divorce rates in Ukraine.

The divorce situation can be explained by several aspects. There is a general need for family education in Ukraine, where most teenagers learn about relationship between sexes in alleys having a smoke rather than from books and in classrooms. Such a thing as therapy for couples, who experience troubles and problems in their marriage, is a very new fact which is available only to some of the richest representatives of Ukrainian society due to its high price.

Another cause for divorce in Ukraine is the fact that Ukrainian women are becoming more and more independent. In the past it was a usual practice to get married and have kids within the first 1-3 years of marriage. After that the Ukrainian woman would already be settled and make her peace with the drinking habits or offensive and abusive nature of her husband. Now that a usual Ukrainian woman is more independent at a work place and does not plan to have kids until after she is 28, she has a better thought of who she wants to be and can make better choices.

Growing divorce rates in Ukraine are another reason for why so many single young women with and without children looking for foreign husbands on the Internet.

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Quotes from the web:

Question: Why is the divorce rate in Ukraine high? I was just wondering because one day I may want to have a Ukraine girlfriend (wife, depending on how things work). I don't want to be divorced by one or any woman.

Answer: The divorce rate in Ukraine is no higher than the national United States average. It's right around 55% for a first marriage.

The reasons in Ukraine are often very similar to other countries: people getting married very young, growing apart, money problems and personal problems. Life is fairly universal.

I really can't say enough for a typical Ukrainian woman. If you find a good one, treat her like a queen and take care of her as the woman you love. You definitely won't be disappointed.

Answer 2: Ukrainian girls still marry comparatively young. It's not uncommon for the husband remarry with a younger girl by thirty. Divorced girls unfortunately tend to be left on the shelf.

Answer 3: You have to treat her and kids good and vice verse so there will be no talk about divorce Like in any other country

Question: Why rate of divorce in Ukraine is growing? Why there are many divorced women living lonely with their child?

Answer: The reason why people in Ukraine divorce rate is growing and women living alone with their kids is because it is possible that they have low financial rates and they need to survive and support themselves but, that was in old days. Now, I think it's a lot better then it used to be before.




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