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Russian and Ukrainian men complain that Russian women meet foreigners on marriage and dating sites, fall in love and leave Russian men behind. In reality it does seem like Russian and foreign men are brutal competitors, fighting for the hearts of Russian women. And while the former do not seem to put much effort into the fight, the latter have already moved many Russian women to their countries.

The suffering of Russian and Ukrainian men regarding this matter is understandable. Some of them blame the difficult life and the living standards in Russia that makes women want to change their lifestyle and move to other places. Though, Ukrainian and Russia women say that the basis for them to favor foreigners over their countrymen is in Russian men themselves. Here are what Russian women say about men from Russia and Ukraine as apposed to foreigners.

Many Russian and Ukrainian women believe that men in their country are spoiled by attention of women. Due to the fact that there are more women than men in Russia. As women say this is one of the main reasons why Russian men do not court them and do not pursue them like foreign men do. On the contrary, men in Russia roll in women's attention and do not feel the need to chase after them. Though, in general Russian people are more reserved and cautious in a relationship than foreigners.

Russian women

An outrageous situation which is absolutely unacceptable and not common in a foreign family but is still characteristic for a Russian family is when a man beats his wife, particularly when he is drunk. In Ukraine and Russia this scenario is possible mostly due to the lack of right legislation, where a woman is protected from physical violence in the family. With the situation getting worse sometimes, Russian women who are now more aware of their rights leave their Russian husbands for gentle and more respective men.

Even though men in Russia yield to many foreign men when it comes to their education and manner, we cannot generalize and judge about all Russian men by this one image. However, if you are a foreigner with good manners who knows how to treat a woman right, you can become a real competitor to some Russian men.

Russian women

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