Myths about Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian women

ome men are blinded by particular myths about women in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, generally spread by dating sites and mass media. Having a Ukrainian wife has almost become a fetish for many foreign men who were convinced that a woman from Ukraine or Russia can be the most loving and obedient girl in the world. But you should keep in mind that women are not as tame and timid and as men believe. So here are the myths:

All Russian, Belarus and Ukrainian women want to get married

Yes, it's true that young ladies from Ukraine and Russia are brought up to become good wives and be family-oriented since their early childhood. Almost any woman can cook and take care of her family. Though, many Ukrainian and Russian women currently are emancipated. They get education and build a career. In Soviet era being a wife in Ukraine was a very esteemed and respected social position. Bachelor’s degree was not of such big value as it is in the time being, and a lady standing behind her man was an ordinary thing. But, tough times after the Soviet Union fall down changed Russian women and their principles and values. Currently many girls in Ukrainian, Russian and Belarus villages get married very early; city ladies get educated and chase a career.

Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian women are the most beautiful in the world

Though there is definitely no accounting for taste. The majority of Ukrainian and Russian women are beautiful, but so are man women in the world. If someone has a particular preference for light-haired, tall and slim women with blue or green eyes, then they have a much better chance to find one in Ukraine, Belarus or Russia. Nevertheless, a woman with tanned skin, black curly hair and dark eyes, is a rare phenomenon in here.

Russian women are good and caring mothers

Maternal instincts are more subject to genes, women's experience with kids and personal morals than to nationality. Nearly all women of any nationality have maternal instincts, and definitely you don't need to marry a Ukrainian woman only because they are supposed to be better mothers. Contrariwise, the difference in views on how to raise kids and discipline them may be so great, that bringing kids up with a Belarus or Russian wife may require much work. Also, if all women from Ukraine and Russia were caring mothers and good wives, there wouldn't be any orphans.

Russian and Ukrainian women are of easy virtue

Though most European and American men suppose that any Russian woman is a walking specimen of dignity and modesty, in some Middle-Eastern countries they are thought to be a source of depravity and lechery. In some cases it only reflects differences between two very different cultures and societies: the way women from Russia and Ukraine behave and dress may be offensive to men from Muslim countries.

Quotes from the web:

- Why are American women sloppily dressed compared to Russian women? If you walk in Saint Pwetersburg or Moscow, even poor girls will not leave the flat without having on nice outfit, perfect hair, nice heels, etc. to go anywhere. In the US- you see girls wearing weird unclassy tight t-shirts, pajama shorts, slippers, etc like no big deal. And they consider high heels to be "dressed up". WHY? Is my question. What in their culture/psychology/upbringing effect this? A Russian friend who visited the states said its because so many of them are fat so why bother to dress nice.

- The only other way to impress European, American and Canadian women is to lower your standard very low, and approach one of those women. They will; be impressed because they hardly ever get attention, especially from a man who to them, is very good-looking, etc, but to the average decent looking American girl, you are not what they are looking for. The ugly Canadian, American and European women appreciate easily, but the problem is, if you're not attracted to an ugly girl, then you're not going to be able to be genuine and sincere in your desire for her, and over time she will understand that.




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