Ukrainian women and Italian men

krainian and Italian have a lot in common. Here are some common differences and similarities and between Ukrainians and Italians. All the information below was provided by our Ukrainian ladies’ clients:

Italians and Ukrainians are very alike. Though if there is one main difference between them it is that Italian people are much more friendly and sociable in their attitude and communication with their friends. That is why they occasionally say: “Italians are cheerful Ukrainians”. Many people explain it by differences in life standards and climate. Warm and sunny Italy shows in the temper of its people, but frosty and cold Ukraine makes its people more cautious and reserved.

In Ukraine it is common thing to avoid laws, negotiate deals and bribe to officials. It is because of that Ukrainian system of government prevents people there from doing most things in a legal, simple and easy. Ukrainian women that visit Italy observe that this is a widespread difficulty for both countries. That is why as in Ukraine, Italians are likely to proceed beyond the law as well.

Sometimes Italian logical thinking is very irrational to Western people, which is just like Ukrainian. It is in fact very logical to Italians themselves, but with a deeper understanding of the customs and traditions in general to see it and the same with Ukrainian people. Something that may seem illogical to some people can be completely justified and normal to a Ukrainian woman.

Another characteristic that makes Italians and Ukrainians alike is that most of them can criticize their country but will never let you to criticize it. Italians regularly express their disgust and irritation with their country and politics. But, when a foreigner criticizes Italy, they will immediately start defending it.

Another difference between Ukrainians and Italians lies in their family ties. People in Ukraine become independent very early. But in Italy, family ties are so strong that a man may sometimes never leave his parent's even if he started his own family. Which situation is bad and which one is good? No one knows. But for Ukrainian women used to early-maturing children and independent men, it is very surprising in Ukraine to see 4 years old children in diapers and pacifiers, or a mature man living in the same flat with his parents.

Quotes from the web:

- I've met Ukrainians and I yet have to meet an ugly Ukrainian woman, it's not a matter of beauty. If you want to marry a screeching Western feminist who'll sue you for more than half your possessions in the absolutely guaranteed outcome of a divorce, please be our guest. Mind you, I don't say that the Western feminists have it all wrong, since the Western man can be really nasty piece of work too. I am simply talking about women who have another vision of marriage than the current Western one, period.

- A loving and committed relationship is one of life's greatest accomplishments and joys. Loving relationships are the foundation of a meaningful life and can be our anchor amid life's uncertainties and difficulties.




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