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Do these beautiful women want to marry men just for a leaving Ukraine and Russia? Do they really want to share their life with men?

Though most of our ladies and honest and marriage minded women but we cannot know the true intentions of every woman. There definitely must be women who are also interested in finding better life abroad.


The lady I am corresponding with is much younger than me. Do you think this is normal?

If you are going to marry a woman from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, you should know the tendency which is opposite to the lets say European stereotypes. It is a question of girls who often prefer to marry older gentlemen. Sure, there are some limits. If you are 45 and are looking for a girl who is 18 years old, it would look very strange, but 25 years old and above is ok. Generally Russian women don’t mind a large age difference. They usually pay attention to character and behavior of the man, and also on his approach to her.

Have any of your men members really found a Russian or a Ukrainian wife through on your service?

Yes, we have 529 marriages so far (since 2002).

How much time do I need to receive a visa to Russia?

You should first check your international passport, it should be valid for least 6 months after the date of your arrival and then you can visit the Russian consulate to apply for the visa. Generally obtaining a Russian visa takes about two weeks, but if you wish to get it quicker, in this case you should pay extra fee to have it ready even the same working day.


Is there a actual difference between Ukrainian, Belarus or Russian women and women of other countries or is it just a legend?

Definitely there are some difference. And we can’t do anything with it as it is historical development and it influences the typical traits of Slavic women. The women here (in Russia) actually posses some characters that are peculiar only for them. The most major are that: a- they care very much about how they look, b- that usually career is less important for them than home and family.

Is it safe in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia?

Well, as in any part of the world you will never find yourself in dangerous circumstances if you know where to go and what to do. If you avoid strange acquaintances and dangerous places, don't show your money and follow the essential safety rules, so be assured, that everything will be normal and safe.

Should I marry my lady in Russia or bring her and marry in Spain?

You are recommended to bring your future wife to Spain and then marry her there. This way, while she is waiting for her living permission in Spain. If you get officially married in Russia, she will have to wait for the specific papers in Russia. You should think well, because in this case the procedure might take up to 4 months or more.

Why do Russian and Ukrainian women looking for husbands and marriage in foreign countries?

The reason why Russian and Ukrainian women looking for husbands abroad is very plain: they cannot find serious and marriage minded men in their homeland. For example, there are less men (13 million less men than women of marriageable age, according to the latest survey) than women in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Also a lot of women are also unhappy in the values and attitudes of local men, and they consider foreign men value family more.

Are Russian women looking for older men? Can I contact a woman who is 25 years younger than me?

Generally Russian women rather to have a man of their age or within rational age difference. But most ladies from Russia and Ukraine are after serious, mature and marriage minded men so the majority of them will not mind the age difference up to 20 years is he is the right man.



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