Basic types of Russian women

omen from Russia are known worldwide for being beautiful and caring. Since 90s Russia has become a place where foreign men started to look for life time partners. Who are these ladies looking for a husband abroad? There is no a single answer for this question. People are different, so are their motivations. We can mark out the following categories, but remember there are always exceptions to every rule.

Russian women

Truly family-oriented woman: She is genuine in her search and intentions. Her goal is not getting out of the country. She is searching for a reliable and trustworthy man to be her husband, a person she will create a family with. The geographical location where her future family will be created makes little difference. In most cases, this kind of woman is very traditional and puts her family as the number one life priority. She makes excellent wife and most caring mother.


Foreign lover: this kind of woman is ready to sacrifice a lot to get her ticket out of her country. Her main focus is your geographical location. You can recognize this type of women by never ending talks about how bad things are in her native country: economic situation, people mentality, life conditions, etc.

Money hunter: this type of women is not looking for relationship or marriage online. Her only one interest and goal is cash. There are many scenarios that scammers use to get into your pocket.

Russian women

Long-term girl-friend: this kind of Russian women is ambitious, self-sufficient and has very high demands and expectations. She is interested in meeting someone who is worthy her attention, but is interested more in having a nice time rather than having serious relationship and creating a family. As a rule, these ladies are very charming, interesting to talk to, very open and friendly. She is sincerely interested in getting to know you; when you visit her, she will take good care of you, showing things around and most likely you will have great time together. But chances of building a serious relationship leading to marriage are very small. Not because she is light-minded, but simply because she is not ready for commitment.

We all have our own motivations and expectations. And the best way to avoid disappointments and wasting time is to communicate openly and discuss our needs and expectations the best possible.

Russian women

Quotes from the web:

- Russian women usually got green/blue eyes with blond hair but it can be different. Russians are usually tall, not full lips usually.

- There are many reasons for these women be very beautiful. Russians are Slavs, which resemble Scandinavians (incl. Swedes); Russian women seem to be frequently tall; most are more aloof than gals of other cultures, which is cool in a way; they also speak Russian, which is a really awesome language; and other reasons as well...check youtube for Russian bands and you will see lots of hotties there-esp. look up Tatu. (just beware all the so-called dating and marriage sites from there.)

- Russian women possess what is deemed to be an ideal:

1. Lips full enough to entice
2.Hips wide enough to give birth naturally
3.Breasts large enough to nurse a child
4. Legs long enough to chase you around the house with a towel because you turned up flower-less on the 8th of March
5. Let's not forget the great teeth!

- I don't know about them being the most beautiful women in the world, but there are certainly some beautiful ones. In my opinion a Russian accent in English is extremely sexy as well.




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