How does one impress a Russian woman?

- Let her go in first in all doors, but when you are getting off the bus, get off first, and give her your hand to help her get off.

- When in a dining establishment, always pour her wine, it is custom. Informal places are fine for a date, but do not even think about going Dutch. This is very offensive and she will leave you there to pay for the bill anyway. Open doors, pull out chairs, and mind your manners. Remember, they are very traditional.

Russian women

- Make an honest effort to learn Russian. If she doesn't know English well, understand that it's not because she's unintelligent, but because Russian is so great that English is not important enough.

- It is fine to openly flirt with a Russian lady, however it should not turn into public displays of affection. This is not usual in Russia and can make her feel very uncomfortable.

- Try not to smoke and don't drink too much.

- Russian ladies are very serious women and do not take sarcasm lightly. Anything sarcastic is considered impolite and rude to them. Try to avoid cheap jokes or anything of that nature.

- It will be a for sure home run if she gets a bouquet of flowers or a small gift. Russian women love to be lavished with presents. It's the little things that count. But remember to buy her an odd number of roses (even number is for sad events, odd for happy).

- A Russian woman will spend many hours in order to prepare herself for a date so it is very important to become aware of her appearance. Always let her how great she looks.

- Read some Russian poetry. At least try to get some knowledge of Mayakovsky and Pushkin. Try to read Anna Karenina and The Master and Margarita.

Russian women

Quotes from the web:

- You don't impress a Russian woman. A Russian woman impresses you.

- Most Russian woman lead rather active lifestyle and pay great attention to eating habits. Even though Russian woman like going to restaurants, most meals are made at home from natural and fresh products.

- Have a look at these originally Russian proverbs:

(A husband is a head, a wife is a neck. Where the neck will turn, that way the head will look.)

(A good wife is a stone wall.)

- Speaking about gender roles in Russia, they still differ from those in America and Europe. The idea of feminism has not been caught in Russia. Though, the role of a woman in the management of the world is so great, that is just beyond description. A soft women’s strength is cultivated and erected in degree.




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