Why do Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian women have long legs?

Belarus women with long legs

ussian and Ukrainian women have very long legs. To talk like this is a generalization, as every abstraction is a distortion of the reality and truth. Though, the reason Ukrainian and Russian women have long legs is this, Russia, Belarus and some parts of Ukraine are very northern countries. The gravity in the northern regions of the world is much lower than near the equator or the center of the world. As a result, women in the northern regions have evolved to be more linear. While, on the other hand, women from Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippine for example, have shorter legs with a more powerful build. Further, women in the north have less of a tendency to put on weight for this reason. This is why there are countless long-legged Belarus, Ukrainian and Russian women.

Hormones and long legs

There is a reason men like women with long legs, this is because long legs for some reasons gives men signs that the women are very fertile, as estrogen also creates long legs in women. In contrast testosterone creates a wide frame and longer back in men.

Russian women with long legs

In the photo above, note her natural beauty, which most men prefer more than any runway model made leggy by extreme diets and high heels. The Russian woman above shine because she is normal, and a great body shape and face of course.

Ukrainian women with long legs

Therefore, long legs are a plus in women; it is a sign of fertility. Russian and Belarus women are not necessarily more fertile rather its a relative signal based on a group. That means within the group of Ukrainian, Russian and Belarus women some have longer legs than others, and hormones can explain part of this.

long legged Ukrainian women

Long legged magazine models

Magazines distort body proportions on we would say most of their models. If you see a beautiful photo of a model with long legs, do not believe it. She was definitely Photoshopped. They adjust and modify woman’s legs in photos. Though, if you just walk down the street in Minsk, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Moscow or Saint Petersburg this will be proof that Belarus, Russian and Ukrainian women not only are the longest legged European women but in the whole world.

long legged Russian women

Way Belarus, Ukrainian and Russian women make their legs and thighs appear longer than they are:

- High heels.
- Vertically pin stripped pants.
- Lose weight, women who are think look more linear and taller including their lower half of their body.
- Detract attention from their legs – Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Lucy Hale, Lady Gaga, Geri Halliwell, Kylie Minogue and Kim Kardashian .. All have short legs but they detracts from this fact by accentuating other parts of their bodies.
- Wear dresses – this can confuse the issue as hips are unseen.
- Wear jeans and pants high on the waist as it gives the illusion they are have greater length than reality as you can not determine the hip-wasit line as it is clocked by material, denim for example.

long legged Belarus women

Quotes from the web:

- In my opinion long legs are sexy although it also depends on the body type, I mean I wouldn’t like long skinny legs they would look like a stick.

- A woman can have long legs, and be ugly or have short legs, and be beautiful. It’s not just the legs that contribute to women’s looks. Face … Hair … Eyes … Shoulders … Hips … Boobs … Legs … Butt … Personality...

- I say on average most men like women with long legs because a woman can wrap them around the man while having sex, this makes for much more enjoyment. So get to stretching those legs out or at least be able to do the splits while on mount.

- Long legs mean more beauty to look at

- I like long legs on a woman, but I also like short legs on a woman. A womans’ legs are a very small part of the qualities that I look for in a woman. I can open a magazine and see women that look hot, but may not be for me if they have the personality's of a witch. I am talking about those shallow, self centered, egotistical sexy, long-legged models that would faint if she even smelled real food.




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