Why do Russian women sign up with dating and marriage agencies?
Why are they looking for a husband abroad?

enerally the reason for Russian women signing up with dating sites is to have more chances to find their life partner.

This shows that a woman is really serious about this when she signs up to several marriage sites. (Keep in mind she can't know beforehand what site is good, what is not.). She does not just wait, but she is actively searching by all means that are available to her. For these women it does not matter if they will marry a Russian man or a Western, they just look for love.

Russian women

It is easy to find a lover or a boyfriend in Russia, but it is difficult to find a husband there. For many women after 30 it is a real problem. They want to have children, they want stability that marriage gives, but most Russian men rather to live together but not connect themselves by conjugal ties. Many men do not want to have children, especially a second child. It is an expensive pleasure now in Russia and the government helps families with children very little.

Many Russian men are not good fathers and it hurts women. They want to care together for their child, to love, to think. But men in Russia prefer to put all the care on women shoulders. Foreign men are more caring to their children and not to only their children. A woman can hope that if she marries a foreign country he will be a good father to her child and to their own one or two more children.

Life in Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, and other countries is more stable and predictable than in Russia. It is not the main reason but one of the reasons why beautiful Russian women leave Russia. They get tired of unpredictability and instability. They want to live and not to worry. The standard of living in Russia for many average people is less than in other countries. Many women come to the agency after painful divorces.

They were hurt and want to leave everything behind. They feel that there will be a man who will love them and care for them, who will allow them to love in return.

Russian women

Quotes from the web:

- Russian women do expect you to be generous. But not the type of generous many people think of when the word generous is used. A Russian lady wants to know that you will be generous with your time and your emotional support to her. She wants to know she can depend on you to be there for her!! This is far more important to her than the dollars in you bank account.

- When you start thinking about marriage a Russian girl, you do not know how much this marriage will cost you. To marry a girl from Russia you will have to have a deal with INS (or another immigration government service in your country, they all are made of the same substance). The necessary requirement is that you have met each other in person before you apply for a K1 visa for your fiancee. To obtain another type of visa for a single Russian girl is almost impossible, and you can spend even more if you try. Even so which option you have chosen, you will definitely have to visit Russia.




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