Why Russian women are so beautiful?

owdays you can hardly meet a man who hasn’t been heard of Russian women beauty. Nature has created men in such a way that they love with their eyes and appearance of a woman is very important. Thus, as soon as foreign man arrives to Russia he is struck by the outstanding beauty of the women. He see attractive women everywhere around and somewhere deep inside his enchanted mind arises a perennial question – (Why are these women so beautiful).

Russian women

The most beautiful women live in Russia, it is a well-known fact. And Moscow takes the first place in the list of the cities with the most gorgeous women in the world.

Russian women are well-known for many qualities. They can be tender and loyal lovers, caring wives and wonderful mothers, and great homemakers. But the first quality that men generally pay attention to is their absolute beauty. It is not just a stereotype; it is the fact reinforced by men. Those men, who have been to various cities of Russia, can simply confirm that in average Russian women are much prettier than women from other countries. All these qualities make men from all over the world seek for opportunities to meet lovely Russian women.

There are a lot of newspaper articles and statistics about Russian women beauty. One of such came to the top 10 courtiers rating the (hottest women), which was based on reviews of thousands of tourists who travel around the world and leave their impressions and comments concerning the women from various countries. According to one research a full list of the ten countries with the most beautiful girls of the world according to travelers was like that:

1- Russia
2- Ukraine
3- Sweden
4- Argentina
5- Brazil
6- Netherlands
7- USA
8- Canada
9- Venezuela
10- Italy


Scientists established that Russian women have thicker skin which is the reason why wrinkles appear much later. Besides, in western countries photoaging is a broadly spread issue because women there are more influenced by the sun, while in Russia people do not get so much sun. What is more, it is believed that faces of Russian women are more symmetrical, having high cheekbones and balanced, beautiful features.

There also exists a very popular theory that Russian women are uniquely beautiful thanks to uncontrolled mixture of genes and blood during numerous invasions and also assimilation of ethnoses. History tells us that in different times ethnic Russians and their lands were invaded by powers of Mongols, Khazars, Poles, Lithuanians.

Legends and folk stories are also used to explain sheer beauty of Russian women. There is a legend that suggests that Russian Empress Catherine II wanted to be the most beautiful woman in the country, and in order to get rid of (competitors), she banished all beautiful women to far away areas of the country.

The phenomenon of Russian beauty is not an ethnic context, but rather the context of citizenship. That is why it will be more straightforward to say that Slavic women are the most beautiful in the world and Russian women are one of them. The right thing is to say that the most beautiful are Russian girls, and you can any time choose the one for marriage since there are more women than men in Russia. That is the point to use all possible means: visit Russia, go sightseeing, meet women there or simply go and find yourself a good Russian dating service.


Quotes from the web:

- There are beautiful women in any country; but it's true that on average women in Russia are very slim and gorgeous. Many say that the natural beautiful of the women is rooted in the fact that country has been conquered many times over the past few centuries and with the mix came the beauty and looks. This may be true, but what I can tell you for sure is that the women in Russia are very feminine and do take pride in the way they act and look.

- Anyone who has been to the Russia will confirm this. Saying there are beautiful and ugly women everywhere is a worthless statement. The fact is there are a much higher percentage of beautiful women in Russia compared to most countries around the world. It's obviously mainly genetic with some cultural aspects too. Most Russian women are interested in sport and outdoor activities, keeping in a good shape and fit.

- Whenever I’m visiting home it never ceases to amaze me how ugly most American women are. I don't think I’m overly cynical about American women since I’ve met a lot of nice women but most of the good ones were daughters of fairly recent immigrants. I've had the best luck dating Asian Americans, Latinas and Indian Americans. I have noticed that once you get into the 3rd-4th+ generation white American women in America you tend to get snobby and ugly.

A lot of this is the fault of the men too. It's amazing what some American men settle for. Also, if some men knew just what being a U.S. citizen meant I think more people would marry abroad in droves. The peroxide blonde with fat cankles and a bad attitude seems to be the (prized) woman for a lot of American men. This type of woman wouldn't even rate anywhere else in the world except countries even more repressed than the U.S. like maybe Saudi Arabia.




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