4 reasons not to marry a Ukrainian woman

1. Ukrainian women are too beautiful for you.

The dedication that Ukrainian women have to look gorgeous is just scary for some men. The worst thing is that if you are going out with a Ukrainian woman you will either have to dress up and put a lot of effort in looking good, or everybody will be looking at you and wondering, how did this beautiful woman end up with him?

Ukrainian women

2. Faithfulness and loyalty for some men is not cool.

A Ukrainian woman will be your most devoted wife, your best critic, advisor and even your doctor if you are sick. Women in Ukraine are tender and caring, and whatever happens, they will be by your side ready to face any difficulty together. A Ukrainian wife truly believes that her husband is the best man on the earth.

So if you think all above is boring, needless and unnecessary, don’t marry a Ukrainian woman.

3. Ukrainian woman high expectations.

Ukrainian ladies are very demanding. They don’t want just a man who will love them. They want the best man alive to love them. Excellent old manners are very significant: help to put on coats, open doors, bring flowers, etc. If you are not a real gentleman, it is not even worth trying.

4. The challenge of breaking the ice.

Ukrainian women are reserved and try to keep the distance before you become close to them. A Ukrainian woman can create a feeling of (Ice Queen), even if she likes you (particularly if she really likes you). Keep in mind that underneath this ice there is the most caring, gentle and loving and woman in the world.

Pros of Relationships with Ukrainian a woman

1. No unforeseen turns: Ukrainian women follow a man's lead.
2. Family morals and values: Ukrainian women put the highest value on marriage and family.
3. Easy flirtation and courtship structure: men should always initiate and persist.
4. Ukrainian women don't compete with men: a man gets the first place in everything. The ladies in Ukraine believe they should support their males.
5. Ukrainian women look their best: Because the most important thing for women in Ukraine is to find and keep their men.
6. Caring attitude: Ukrainian women do their best to care for their men, cook, look after the kids.

Ukrainian women

Quotes from the web:

- Though genes are no doubt a perpetual factor in Ukrainian women’s appearance, it's not the only reason. As diet happens to be a major factor. Many of the processed food (junk food) that is gradually contaminating the population of the Western world aren’t locatable in Ukraine. Canned food full of sugar or salt, fried food, frozen dinners, sugary breakfast cereal, all the garbage so common in a Westerner's diet is nowhere to be found in Ukrainian stores.

- My opinion is somewhere in between. However, I have more good things to say than bad things about Ukrainian women. I grew up abroad from a bi-cultural environment. I noticed that Ukrainian women care more for things that other cultures take for granted. Yes they also are materialistic, like all women worldwide but I feel they have more (soul) than other nations. I think Ukrainian women are in general cool. I'm fed up to read all these comments about Ukrainian women as mere sex objects. Yes, they are mostly lovely and beautiful, but what is more important is the beauty inside of them.




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