Problems you may face after marrying a Ukrainian woman

he first problem is pathological state of being in love. Your Ukrainian wife will fall in love with you of course, again and again, more and more, every day. On the part of her it’s normal. It’s genetic feature of all Ukrainian ladies. Ukrainian women are women who sacrifice themselves for the sake of their husbands. They sacrifice their career for the sake of family and kids. They have a heart of gold. If they marry they dissolve in their husbands. They are always with their husband. When we say always we mean always. It may seem funny but in fact it isn’t. Are you ready to play ideas off each other, discuss, talk, think aloud and have pillow talk about the future every day? Are you ready to discover the wonders of the family relations with a Ukrainian wife? we mean specific traditional family ceremonies, special “practical skills”. Ukrainian mothers impart the pleasant knowledge to their daughters from childhood. The question is it is necessary that husband and wife have a shower-bath together. For example, husband has to cook meat without assistance of a wife once a week. (Whatever it is you are feeling now is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of family life with her.) Another example: Ukrainian wife is obliged to massage husband’s chest by her buttocks. All Ukrainian women consider it necessary to do this for husband to protect him from any cardio-vascular diseases. It may seem wonderful when a young and beautiful wife with delightful buttocks massages your chest but in fact it isn’t, We think. You will be fed up with such a weekly “procedure”. Although, no one ever went to their death bed saying, “You know’ We wish I’d died in loneliness missing all the delights that Ukrainian wife wants give me”. There are a lot of other national features and traditions of Ukrainian women. And you may find it difficult to cope with it already having firm marriage ties with a beautiful Ukrainian woman. Fortunately almost all foreign men consider such future amazing. But what you have to remember is “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”…

Ukrainian woman

The second problem is people’s reaction. Ukrainian wife is a very serious challenge. You’ll be placed in the centre of everyone’s attention .You may think ‘what can be better?’ But it isn’t true. For example, how would you like turning somebody’s birthday into your own one? Instead of being relaxed you will have to entertain people around and the person whose birthday you are celebrating may feel deprived of his/her holiday. Besides that there will be more and more women who will fall in love with you. Foreign men who possess Ukrainian woman are always in popular demand among compatriots.

There is another problem. You must always stay calm. Any negative thought or emotion will transfer into something unexpected for your family relations. All Ukrainian women are emotional, with vivid imagination. You can’t imagine her reaction if she see that you are blushful, for example. Any Ukrainian wife will never spare husband’s blushes. To marry a young and really beautiful Ukrainian woman man has to overcome psychological barriers and instincts unconsciously installed inside or deliberately gained in the course of the life such as, for example, reaction to fire. None of Ukrainian women will understand if you are easily embarrassed with her clear intentions to satisfy you. Remember, all Ukrainian women don’t have these psychological, moral, and other idiotic problems that women from other countries do! You may find it difficult to cope with it also. So the first thing you have to do is to overcome all psychological barriers (if you want to discover what does the most satisfying woman in the world means).

Anyway, such popularity on dating and marriage services shows that Ukrainian women symbolize love, devotion, home and kids. These 3 problems are “drop in the bucket” when you have a wonderful wife that brings you happiness. Once you try her, you will feel what ‘paradise on the earth’ is…and wonder how you could ever have lived without Ukrainian woman. We are asking you to understand. Not just Ukrainian culture and features of Slavic women. We are asking you to understand that you must overcome all moral problems before wedding. Because Ukrainian women worth it.

Ukrainian women

Quotes from the web:

- I want all Ukrainian women immigrate to Mexico and marry us so that we can modify our ethnic genes. If I was Mexican president I would give Mexican citizenships to all Ukrainian women ...

- Ukrainian women do tend to be more feminine than western women, they usually dress better and enjoy using makeup. So they look better than their western counterparts.

- Ukrainian women are jaw-droopingly, amazingly beautiful. Even the ones in Military uniforms carrying guns, if someone was going to kill me, let it be one of them. I probably would not mind.

- I don't know if these are typical Ukrainian women, but I can't help but note the contrast between these women and the typical American woman. Ukrainian woman: physically fit and overall very attractive. Typical American woman: chubby. At least 30-40 pounds overweight, with no intention of improving their looks in any way, shape or form. Also, American women seem to have a general hostility towards men. I am sure there are plenty of other non-physical differences as well.




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