How to win a woman's heart and make her marry you

1- Address your email to a specific lady and get ready a standard introductory mail, but each time you email it to a new woman write her name at the beginning of your message. It will definitely put in a special spirit to your mail.

2- Write emails well. Take your time because writing an email doesn't need an instant reply. Reread every phrase to make sure you say what you want a woman to read because she will possibly read it more than once. Verify your spelling because some woman might translate your mail in a translation program, so you 100% will be sure they understand what you wrote.


3- Tell her in your email that she is very beautiful (Avoid telling her she is SEXY and keep in mind that is not appropriate for you to discuss sex in your first mails).

4- Be honest in other words just be yourself, remember if a woman loves you really, she will admire and love you for who you are.

5- If the woman you like has children, don't forget always to ask her about them. Also tell her about your children.

6- Russian and Ukrainian women are very emotional, sentimental, romantic and they adore men who show caring for them. So show her how much you care about her.

7- Treat her as a woman not a thing and always treat her like a princess, by taking care of her needs and feelings.

8- When first sending an email to a Russian and Ukrainian woman don't attach semi naked or shirtless photos, even if you have an amazing body.


9- Write to her and discuss the drinks or foodstuff you both like. Write to her in your mail about your hobby, friends and job.

10- Remain very active and show yourself as a positive, self-assured and marriage minded man.

11- Learn some Ukrainian or Russian words and phrases. Your woman will be definitely thrilled to hear you speaking her language.

12- Send her flowers through an international flowers delivery service without waiting for her birthday.




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